Refrenzes - Osttiroler grain mills by GREEN family

The mill dynasty of the Green family has been successfully running the Osttiroler Grain Mills  for over 77 years. Since then thousands of customers have bought an Original Osttiroler Grain Mill  and are very pleased with them, as the many positive echoes that we hear show. The Osttiroler Grain Mills  have also received many awards over the years, whereby Mr Green is the only producer of mills to have been awarded a state prize by the Bavarian State government in 1978.

The Osttiroler Grain Mills (Osttiroler Getreidemühlen) received a prize for „excellent quality“ at the International Trade Fair in 1978, the Wels Trade Fair in 1948/1952 and the Carinthian Trade Fair in 1955.

The Green family are really proud of their "Trophy for quality" which was given to their mills in 1990 in Paris.



Osttiroler Getreidemühlen - Qualitätspreis Paris Osttiroler Getreidemühlen - Auszeichnung für ausgezeichnete Qualität
Mrs Green at the ceremony for the presentation of the international award for quality, "Trophy for quality", in 1990 in Paris. 
Auszeichnungen der Osttiroler Getreidemühlen Osttiroler Getreidemühlen - Auszeichnungen
The founder of the East Tyrolean Grain Mills (Osttiroler Getreidemühlen) - Oswald Green - received numerous national and international awards! 
Being honoured by the leader of the state of Bavaria. Being congratulated for excellent quality by the former Austrian president Dr. Kirchschläger.
 Osttiroler Getreidemühlen - ausgezeichnete Qualität Osttiroler Getreidemühlen - ausgezeichnete Qualität
Salzburg hospital trusts East Tyrolean Grain Mills (Osttiroler Getreidemühlen).


Bakery St. Peter - Salzburg

Moulin le Perthus, France

MOULIN DE PERTHUS has been grinding for decades<br/>Osttiroler grain mills from the Green family
MOULIN DE PERTHUS has been grinding for decades<br/>Osttiroler grain mills from the Green family
has been grinding for decades
Osttiroler grain mills from the Green family

Rocked by the clatter of water from the Eau-Mère and the rhythm of the purring of its wheels, the Moulin de Perthus is a French mill, located in the center of France (next to Issoire in the Auvergne region).
The Moulin de Perthus tirelessly grinds cereals that have been turned into flour for more than a century. From 1935 to the present day, 4 generations of millers from the Roubille-Roche family passed on the secrets of the milling process and lovingly maintained this little gem. They still make daily the history of Moulin de Perthus.

Barton Springs Mill, Texas, USA


Maine Grains grinds with an Osttiroler grain mill from the Green company.


Groupholder PAUL Osttiroler-stone-mills
Groupholder PAUL Osttiroler stone mills
CHÂTEAU BLANC is the production department of the HOLDER Group.
CHÂTEAU BLANC has been grinding with Osttiroler grain mills from Green family for 19 years.

Molino Bongiovanni, Italy

Bakery Delhaye, Belgium

Grain mill in Barsakhera, Bareilly, India

Osttiroler grain mill at Agro Industries in India

Osttiroler Grain Mill in Ontario / Canada

Osttiroler Grain Mill in Chile

Hafixbeck, NRW, Germany

Thomas and Petra Schulze Westerhoff from Havixbeck in North Rhine-Westphalia market original grain.

Fazenda Vargem, Vianopolis, Brazil

Fazenda Vargem, Vianopolis, Brazil

Bakery Veit, Bempflingen, Germany

Bäckerhaus Veit aus Bempflingen, Deutschland, mahlt mit Osttiroler Getreidemühlen Green

Bakery Madison Sourdough, Wisconsin, USA

Bakery Madison Sourdough, USA, milling with Osttiroler grain mills - Green

Bakery Ströck-Brot, Vienna
One of the biggist bakeries

Bäckerei Ströck-Brot, Wien

e5 Bakehouse in London
Wellknown bakery and coffee shop

e5 Bakehouse in London - wellknown bakery and coffee shop

Jamie Oliver (UK)

An East Tyrolean Grain mill can bee seen in the background

The South African Institute for
Heritage Science & Conservation

Osttiroler Grain Mill in South Africa - SAINST.ORG - The South African Institute for Heritage Science & Conservation



Wegmans, USA

Mr. Greco und sein Team
Wegmans, USA
Wegmans, USA

Tramsheds Harold Park Bakery, Restaurant in Sydney , Australia

Osttiroler Stone Mill in Brazil

Osttiroler Gewerbemühle in Brasilien

Drexel University - Castle Valley Mill - USA


Better Basics Milling, Alberta, Canada

Bio-Hof Tomic, Eberndorf, Austria

Osttiroler grain mill - from the renowned mill builder Green.

Organic Bakery Bachmann, Sachsen, Germany

Bioloand Vertragsbäcker Bachmann Thomas mit Osttiroler Getreidemühlen

Organic Baker Hans Oehmen, NRW, Germany

Organic Baker Oehmen mills with 'Osttiroler' grain mills by the Green Family

Organic Baker Christian Fries, Germany

Flour Mill GRIST & TOLL
Los Angeles, USA

Denninger's Mill Bakery

Profanter's Bakehouse, South Tyrol, Italy

The Profanter family bakery celebrates its 40th anniversary. This occasion showed once again how important the production of natural bread and pastries is.
>Profanters Backstube

Grinding with stone mills

Our company is very proud of its own stone mills. Wholemeal flour for many wholemeal products is freshly ground every day. Only this process ensures that the extremely valuable husks of grain are present in the wholemeal flour.

You can taste the difference! Home-made natural sour dough, which needs to be left for a long time, is used in all rye bread. The result: Natural -tasting bread and pastries develop a full aroma, are easily digestible and remain fresh for a longer time. The tradition of being made by hand and the conscious decision not to use extra ingredients to produce the bakery products cause the bread to be a natural food of unique character. "Natural tastes better„. Therefore the raising agent used in natural bread is either natural sour dough or yeast. Artificial raising agents are taboo. A long maturing time allows a natural aroma to develop so that artificial flavourings are not needed. Aroma and flavour are then fully developed through the bakery ovens used which were specially produced for the Profanter bakery. Helmut Profanter is convinced that this process has caused our stone oven bread to become a speciality.

Familie Profanter
Helmuth and Relindis Profanter

Wholemeal food - Fan Marion Kracht

Vollwertkost-Fan Marion Kracht grinds her grain herself in the wholemeal food shop.

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