East Tyrolean grain mills : Commercial mills plant

Commercial Mills Plant - Osttiroler commercial grain mills by GREEN Family

„Osttiroler Getreidemühlen“ – well-known all over the world.

We only work with the best materials such as solid pine wood, high-grade steel, etc.

The heart of the mills are the stones. These are specially cut so that we can guarantee a really exceptional quality of flour.

In every type of grain mill it is possible to adjust the mill stones from outside so that the required fineness ranging from the finest of flours to the coarsest can be produced.

The most important point for all the mills: low revolutions per minute! The grain is carefully ground resulting in optimal baking results!

We will guide you from the grain to the flour. We would be happy to produce a mill tailored to your particular needs.


Mr. Green, the founder of the "Osttiroler Getreidemühlen", has been the only producer of grain mills to be awarded by the State Award for quality from the Bavarian State Government in 1978.

The Original Osttiroler Getreidemühlen featuring numerous quality awards can solely be obtained from the Manufacturer, the Family 'Green', under the following address:

Osttiroler Getreidemuehlen, Heidemarie Green, A-9991 Doelsach, Stribach 55

Tel: +43 4852 61061, Fax: +43 4852 61063
Mail: og@getreidemuehlen.com Web: www.getreidemuehlen.com




Commercial mills plant A1600, A1200, A1000


Osttiroler Getreidemühlen Anlage für Gewerbe, Industrie

IMPIANTO: A 700 - A 1000 – A 1200 – A 1600

impianto con trasporto pneumatico


Il trasporto pneumatico serve per tenere pulito il mulino e tiene la farina fredda!
30% piu capacia`oraria!


Tutti mulini sono giralenti che garantisce un ottima qualita`della farina!
al interno in acciaio inox


Importante! Finestre nel setaccio per vedere dentro!
capacità oraria: ca. 180 - 500 kg


Noi facciamo il collegamento del setaccio al mulino tramite il trasporto pneumatico. Il trasporto pneumatico serve per tenere pulito il mulino e tiene la farina fredda! Si aumenta anche la capacita oraria ca 30%


Furthermore, the pneumatic air conveyor system guarantees a constant flow volume of the flour from the mill into the sifting machine. and therefore starve feeding resp. over feeding of the sifter machine can be 100 per cent ruled out, but which could happen because of a varying filling level in a conveyor screw.






Grain mill plant for bakeries

Grain mill with sifter and transport pneumatic.




 Grain mill plant

  • The grain mill is also available as the smaller model Type A 1200.
  • With this grain mill it is possible to produce different sorts of flour and semolina.
  • Semolina purifier
  • Filter box with air filter bags
  • Pneumatic air-conveyor system
  • Grain mill Types A 1600 Type A 1200 or Type A 1000

The grounded grain in the mill is transported by a pneumatic air-conveyer to the sieve. In several chambers the flour and semolina is separated in one operation and at the same time the bran is also separated.
In order to increase the share of fine flour, it is possible to take the semolina and grind it again on the finest setting.
To obtain a very white flour the semolina is put into the semolina purifier and is cleaned from the bran particles. Then it is finally ground with the finest setting.
The portion of flour obtained from wheat is approx. 60% to 75% depending on the grinding setting.
In order to produce different types of semolina the sieves can be changed and the mill stones altered. If semolina is needed, then it is necessary to purify it from the bran particles before using it in the semolina purifier machine. The filter box with the air filter bags is for cleaning the conveying air.



Grain mill plant A1200

Grain mill plant with big screen box

Grain mill plant A1200 with big screen box - Osttiroler grain mills Grain mill plant A1200 with big screen box - Osttiroler grain mills Grain mill plant A1200 with big screen box - Osttiroler grain mills



Grain mill plant A1200

Grain mill 1600 - base in steel

Grain mill 1600 - base in steel  




Mill plant A 700

Steinmahlwerk zertifizierte Mahlsteine
Gosse, Zarge aus Kiefernholz
Zarge innen in Nirosta ausgestattet
Zahnrad unerhalb des Trichters
Schauglas im Trichter
Regulierung der Mehlfeinheit mittels Handrad, Magnetfalle
Overload protection for all motors.


Untergestell in Metallausführung


Komplett mit Mehlsiebmaschine Type 700

  • Ausführung in Kiefernholz mit 3 Kammern
  • Mahlkammer innen in Nirosta
  • 5 Siebrahmen mit verschiedenen Stärken

und pneumatische Transportanlage

  • Zyklon mit Schleuse, Absaugventilator
  • Rohrleitung mit Bögen in Nirosta, Filterkasten, Filter




Hulling machine for spelt

Spelling machine with aspiration-system

Spelling machine with aspiration-system

  • Charging hopper and separating device for impurities
  • Hulling cylinders
  • Adjustment, regulation of cylinders
  • Chaff ventilator and the first chaff exhaustion
  • Adjusting head of hulling cylinders
  • Second chaff exhaustion and dust output
  • Separating device for the broken grains
  • Outputs of hulled grains of spelt






Spelling machine - regolation

Dinkelschälmaschine mit Absaugsystem Spelling machine - regolation




Industrial mill

East tyrolean grain mills Green industrial mills

Industrial mill

  • This equipment complies with all security and health requirements and it is authorized to have the sign “CE”.
  • The Green family is the sole producer of grain mills to be awarded the State Award from the Bavarian State Government.
  • We will guide you from the grain to the flour.
  • We would be happy to produce an industrial mill tailored to your particular needs.




Stein der Weisen - Getreidemühlen,Gewerbemühlen,Haushaltsmühlen

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